GLOSSARY of Terms and Phrases used by Tom Sherwood
in “Listening to The Echo” and “Learning from the Listening”

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Conference Presentation 2 – Toward New Forms of Spiritual Community

From Church to Community
New Forms of Community
We are a community in an age of individualism… and new forms of human groups

Listening to another person is an expression of ἀγάπη – unconditional love, the love we receive from God, the love celebrated in Paul’s poetry in First Corinthians chapter 13. It is a form of spiritual hospitality, inviting the other’s experience into your experience. It is a biblical thing to do: Jesus listens to Nicodemus and the Woman at the Well (John 3 and 4); Paul walks around the streets of Athens, listening, before he preaches (Acts 17); in Ecclesiastes we read that “to draw near to listen is better than the sacrifice offered by fools” (5: 1); James writes “Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak” (1: 19). In worship services, after a reading from Scripture, we often quote the repeated line in Revelation 2 and 3: “Let anyone who has an ear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”

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Conference Presentation 1 – From History to Story

I have been listening to The Echo, and probably you have too… the children of Baby Boomers, the Echo from the Boom, young adults born after 1978 – 8 million Canadians. Who are they?
Some of them are here; but for many of us, they are our children and grandchildren…
Many of them say they are SBNR, “spiritual but not religious.”

-Stephane Gaudet a écrit a ce sujet il y a un ans dans Aujourd’hui Credo – mai-juin 2011.

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Echo #14 – Feb 28, 2012

A Lonely Echo
male, born in 1982

I was born and raised a Baptist and went to a private Christian school, but my experience of hypocrisy led me to reject the church and its teachings. My knowledge of other faiths as legitimate vessels for the experience of the divine outweighed the teaching I’d had since I was small that other religions are traps set by Satan.


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