Discussion Guide

Study Guide

Page v

Which of the short quotations

– do you agree with?
– make(s) you angry?
– have you heard people say (or something like it) ?
– who was that, when and where?



Page ix

Do you understand “convenience sampling, a non propbability….”

Do you understand “snowball sampling”

At one presentation of the book, a member of the audience suggested that the research technique resembled good evangelism… starting with relationships, listening, friends getting other friends involved… non judgemental acceptance…

The book is rich in quotations and the patterns among the 722 respondents are quite clear; but what are some of the limitations of the study?

Do you have questions that you would like to address to Tom Sherwood?

If so, you can do so simply by emailing him at Carleton University in Ottawa: tom.sherwood@carleton.ca

In public presentations, Tom Sherwood has suggested that he thinks the participants from United Church  and Jewish family backgrounds “sound” a little alike in their respect for their formation and the ethical engagement of their religious traditions. He also suggests that participants from Roman Catholic and Muslim backgrounds resemble each other in their anger and passion, although their specific references are quite different.

Do you agree or would you challenge him on this?



“new terms for new phenomena” – are these terms new, if not when did you first hear them, which ones strike you….


For each chapter

Choose the one quotation that

– you most agree with – it could be something that you would say.
– you most disagree with – you have a strong feeling that it is wrong. Why?
– most surprised you.
– least understand – ask other people how they interpret it.